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Perfect Design for Small Kitchen – Kitchen Cabinet

Tower Kitchen, designed by renowned designer Philippe Starck for the German kitchen brand Warendorf, Tower Kitchen is a breakthrough in design.
Tower Kitchen has an independent unit with a floor area of 1 m².
The hot section blurs the oven and steam oven.
The other is the cold section refrigerator and deep freezer
Microwave oven and dishwasher can be added to the system according to user request.
The back of the compact kitchen is left empty and left to the consumer.

Part four is entirely up to your imagination.
Tower Kitchen’s ingenuity is not limited to the 360-degree rotation mechanism that allows you to easily access your shelf sections.
This kitchen also has an island that serves as a dining table.
Like our kitchen, our table man has a stove, sink, drawers, preparation area and dining area.

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